Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Crooks in the Publishing industry

No doubt, the cost of text books is extremely high.

There is a report about the gouging of students by publishing companies every eyar, but they never change. Buy used when you can. It is the way to go.


Textbook publishers issue new editions when none are needed, "bundle" books with unnecessary supplementary material, and charge American students more than they charge students overseas for the same books, according to a report issued Tuesday by the State Public Interest Research Groups.

The report, "Ripoff 101," is a follow-up to a report of the same name issued in 2004 that led to a Congressional hearing on textbook pricing last summer (The Chronicle, July 21, 2004).

In the new report, the student division of the environmental and consumer- advocacy group charges that publishers often issue new editions of books that are nearly identical to older editions. The report calls on publishers to issue new editions "only when educationally necessary.

End slice.

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