Thursday, February 17, 2005

Looks like a 7th Tour for Lance

If there is one man who can pull it off, it is going to be Lance Armstrong. Anyone who follows the velo news would have predicted that given a new sponsor, he would ride. It is just a matter of which tour, this or next year.

Who can beat him? Tyler Hamilton, if he stays healthy? Maybe. Jan Ulrich, I don't think so. He is done after finishing second so many times, it will be hard for him to think beyond second place if Lance is in the mix.

The NYTimes has him riding this year.
Slice from the Times:

After mulling the decision for more than six months, Lance Armstrong announced yesterday that he would compete in this year's Tour de France.

Armstrong revealed his plans for the Tour, cycling's most prestigious race, and the 2005 season in a statement on the Web site for his team, Discovery Channel.

He said he was looking forward to winning the Tour de France for the seventh year in a row."I am excited to get back on the bike and start racing, although my condition is far from perfect," Armstrong, 33, said in the announcement.

End slice:

Lance always undersells in the preseason and oversells by winning. What do you think?

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