Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Now the politicians in Canada are realizing the bigotry must stop

No doubt, they Canadians are way ahead of us on some fronts. Is it wrong to want our country to be a little bit more like them?


Canada's government introduced a bill Tuesday to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, describing it as a crucial protection for minorities despite deep divisions over the issue in Parliament and among citizens.

"The government cannot, and should not, pick and choose which rights they will defend and which rights they will ignore," Justice Minister Irwin Cotler said at a news conference in Ottawa after presenting the bill. "I appreciate the concern, sometimes even the anguish, that some Canadians feel."

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Chris said...

I agree with the stance on gay marriage. But, I don't agree with becoming more like Canada. I know, I'm taking your point completely out of context. I'm just really no Canada supporter.

windspike said...

My cousin lives in Toronto. Have you ever been to Canada at all? It is a nice place with some very wonderful, hearty people living there.

I am not advocating that we become Canadian. Even so, there are some nice pieces of legislation that we could adopt from there without having to reinvent the wheel. Save us all some time and cash.