Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How about Anne Rice for President in 08

We always knew that Anne Rice was one very smart cookie. She also is prescient in the whold gay/same sex marriage issue. I got these comments on a tip from Sister Talk:

Pop on over to Christopher Rice's (Anne's son - yes, the Gay one) location for the full details.


CHRISTOPHER: That's further than most gay rights activists are willing to go - asking the church to accept it as sacrament, I mean.

ANNE: Superstition governs peoples attitudes towards gays, not religion. Gay people are knocking on the church doors asking to be married, and we, as Christians and Jews, should let them in. The Bible devotes very little attention to "gay people". The commandments against it are embedded with commandments that have been dismissed as outmoded on the basis of modern science and psychology. Religious institutions move very slowly but I believe it will happen in time. We must sustain our optimism and our polite demand. The idea that gay marriage threatens heterosexual marriage is too absurd to counter. We have a straight family member who has been married so many times we call her present husband Charlie the Fifth.

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