Thursday, February 10, 2005

The level of paranoia on the right appears to be higher than on the left

There is some good reading in this NyTimes article by Frank Rich, but I loved his closing sentance after examining how Clint Eastwood, the legendary Dirty Harry celebrated by gun toting, card carrying members of the NRA, could now be considered a commie (as if that was all bad):

Take a gander at the full article, but here's my favorite line

What makes some feel betrayed and angry after seeing "Million Dollar Baby" is exactly what makes many more stop and think: one of Hollywood's most durable cowboys is saying that it's not always morning in America, and that it may take more than faith to get us through the night.

End slice:

The friend who suggested I read the article had this to say:

The problem here is that such explanations of Hollywood output shouldn't be necessary. They make movies not history. In the past month I've looked at Technorati's top 100. Some are right-wing news sources and blog. The level of paranoia on the right appears to be higher than on the left. They have a need to control the message to the point that they don't permit uncontrolled access to their Comments. Like dissenting voices would create FUD among the true believers. The right is AFRAID. Scared people are dangerous. They do dumb things based on their perceptions. One can only hope that the uniforms in the Pentagon are smart enough not to follow Bush's atomic button pushing order, should he want to do it.


Anonymous said...

Of course they're scared. That's why they freak out and go on a barrage of name-calling every time that someone questions their ethics. They expect all to fall in line and just deal with it, no questions asked.

windspike said...

I have a prior blog post that you might be interested in as well - Cornel West on why the right gets so flabergasted by criticism: