Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Looks like the same folks that still like the WMD rationale to go into Iraq are eating up the Social Security ploy doctored up by W.

Is he using the same intelligence sources to bolster his desire to "reform, or fix, SS?


windspike said...

Surfing via BlogExplosion found a link to a wonderful post on the same subject. Check out Todd's Girl at:

Anonymous said...

Re Toddsgirl: Bush never sees SS's real beneficiaries  

From the New York Times [Registration required]  

''And although Mr. Bush repeated that raising the retirement age and other ways of cutting benefits would have to be part of the debate over how to meet his goal of making the system permanently able to pay all promised benefits, he provided no sense of which ones the administration might be willing to embrace. Over the next 75 years, the system faces a $3.7 trillion gap between what it can afford to pay and what current law promises to future retirees, and the establishment of personal accounts by itself would do nothing to eliminate that shortfall.

''Still, Mr. Bush got a rapturous reception from a carefully screened crowd of ticket holders at his first stop of the day, in North Dakota, a state he won easily in November.

''Flanked by people selected by the White House to bolster his argument and charts illustrating Social Security's problems, Mr. Bush sought to reassure one powerful constituency - the elderly and people approaching retirement - that nothing would change for them and that they would get all the benefits promised to them.'' [Emphasis added]


Bush has no SS plan  

Privatizing is a winger ideology. It has nothing to do with the actual problem with SS, that ''problem'' is far in the future. We will be better prepared to deal with it as we get closer to it.

Bush has no plan. There's nothing to analyse. That's why he only appears before by-invitation-only zealots. The object of there-is-no-objection stagecraft is to make it appear to the rest of the country's uninformed masses that the Bush non-plan has a lot of support. That is, of course, a lie. But it's of a piece with how Bush sold himself during the campaign.