Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Don't forget to tip your waitstaff

As a former dishwasher, busboy, and waiter, I know how ugly it can get in the restaurant biz. Don't forget to tip them. When you are out spending discretionary income, you should realize it is lot of work to wait on you hand and foot.

This doesn't mean you should tip, or even accept, poor service. Turnover in the industry is high for a reason.

Slice (pun intended):

What evil lurks in the hearts of waiters? Now you can find out. But can you stomach the results?

An anonymous New York waiter wrote online recently: "In my fantasy, I become Darth Vader the next time a customer asks about the wines by the glass, then says, 'Merlot! Waiter, haven't you seen the movie "Sideways"?' Then I will slice off his head with my light saber."

End slice:

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