Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lynne Cheney: one Slippery Wench

This AM on Fresh Air, Lynne Cheney proved that she is as slippery as the rest of the bunch...and she is pretty much a brick house. Trying to get some real information out of that woman is a real challenge. That said, she did admit that she, "does not support a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage."

She said, essentially, that it should be left to the States. If Lynne Cheney - the SLOTUS - doesn't support such an amendment, why do so many other reichwingers?

You have to give Terry Gross high marks for trying to pry something more substantive out of her...unlike many mainstream journalists who regularly toss softballs to the administrators.

I have still yet to hear a good argument as to how gay marriage hurts straight marriage and what substantive reason marriage needs some kind of protection. Anyone care to enlighten us?

...and I am not buying the," homosexual behavior is an abomination and perverted way of life; it's against god's law, argument." I firmly believe that what you decide to do with your penis or vagina, in the privacy of your own home with another consenting adult, is your own business.


Anonymous said...

The whole protection of marriage stuff is just a cover for bigotry. My marriage is between my wife and myself, so I don't feel "threatened" by what other people decide to do..


Anonymous said...

What more could she possibly have added? -- no matter which way the question was asked, #1) it was a personal question and #2) simply because you are asked a question doesn't mean you have to answer it.

Besides, she's the friggin' Vice President's Wife. Whoope-dee-doo about what she has to think about gay marriage.

windspike said...

Dear Anonymous?

"Whoope-dee-doo about what she has to think about gay marriage."

Humm doesn't she share a bed and have intimate convesations with the no.2 in line to be prez should our flop out for some reason? Doesn't she have the power to say, No Sex For You Dick if you support the a constitutional amendment? Doesn't that mean we might like to know what she thinks?

Aren't all politics personal and local?