Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another thought from my AM Run

I went for a very early AM run - still dark out at the outset. And I got to thinking, per usual.

Leadership, leaders, and the positional status garnered by the post of "leader," whatever the title, has become one of the brass rings most sought after in our capitalist world. Just ask Carly Fiorina.

The derivation of the word, lead, or to lead is, I am told, a dog sledding term to identify the dog at the front. I don't particularly know if the etymology is correct. Nonetheless, I was wondering: Wouldn't it be better to be the Musher rather than the lead dog?

Yes, the lead dog has the best view and doesn't get splatered with shit, but s/he has to break the wind, is reined in, and is the first to fall through any cravasse or hazard. The Musher gets the ride and drives the whole opperation forward. Even so, one should consider the plight of the Commodore stipulated in a prior post.

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