Friday, February 25, 2005

It's Time to Stop Kicking Terri Schiavo Around for Political Aims

Comatose is no way to live. I am putting it in writing post haste - put me down if I am not cabable of living a functional, independent, coherent, vibrant life.

If god and heaven are forgiving locations, then she is on to bigger and better things. Why keep her here?

If you are in favor of keeping her artificially alive, answer the question posed in a prior post.


A Florida judge on Friday ordered the feeding tube removed from a severely brain-damaged woman in three weeks, paving the way for her husband to allow his wife to die after a long court dispute with her parents.

Fifteen years to the day since a heart attack put Theresa "Terri" Schiavo into what some doctors call a persistent vegetative state, Circuit Judge George Greer ruled the feeding tube that keeps her alive should be removed on March 18.

That would give the parents time to appeal the ruling to higher courts, and their attorney immediately made clear they planned such appeals.

End slice:

It is time to stop using Terri Schiavo as a political football.

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Ken Grandlund said...

Here, Here. Enough is enough.