Thursday, February 10, 2005

Which one of the Apostles was gay?

I was out on my run this AM, enjoying the sun and warmer climes when it hit me. We hear a lot about what Jesus said, and would do, but not too much blog-commentary hits on the Apostles - Peter, John, Matthew, Thomas, James the Greater, James the Lesser, Andrew, Simon, Bartholomew, Judas, Philip, Matthias.

There has been some speculation that, Jesus himself might have been gay, but I couldn't find any speculation about the Apostles.

But, if you believe Kinsey's work, and his scale of sexual orientation, it could be statistical fact that at least one of the Apostles was a Homosexual. Wouldn't that put the religious rights' underwear in a twist if it could be proven? Since we can't go back in time, we may never know, but we could take an intellectual stab at it.

Anyone have some thoughts about which one of the Twelve it was and what evidence points you to that conclusion?


Kender said...

Kinsey was a sex fiend. The "10% of people are gay" stat is an outright fabrication.

Kinsey was a sick bastard. Look it up.

windspike said...

Dear Kender,

That Kinsey was a "sex fiend," the phrase need be defined. What exactly do you mean?

Even so, does that mean the years of research Kinsey did in an empirical and scientifically justified way become nullified by his private and personal life? I don't think so.

Besides, I never said that 10% of the population are gay. This is a common misunderstanding of the Kinsey Scale. Did you look at the link I provided? I was mearly suggesting that, if you look at the scale, and do the math, there is a probablility that 1 out of 13 men (that would be twelve apostles and one Jesus Christ) would be gay. Don't you think?

You never really addressed the question in the post. Instead, you deploy a typical Rovian response to disparage (judged by your standard, by the way) a person in the hopes to discredit otherwise credible and scientifically accurate, published in peer reviewed journals, work. Shame on you.

natalie said...

"...otherwise credible and scientifically accurate, published in peer reviewed journals, work."

I really don't know much about this subject, but I do have to say that if all a man has to back him up are science, publishers, and his peers, then he's in a lot of trouble.