Monday, February 21, 2005

W, the Alarmist's Pollyanna

Just got a tip on a nice article at SF Gate. I just get this flashback from Animal House - the scene where the young ROTC dude has his hands up as the crowd rushes past him like salmon upstream and he yells, "All is well, remain calm. All is well, remain calm."

The article goes into the Social Security issue and some others, but stays clear of the hypocrisy of the youthful W's drug indiscretions. I particularly liked the last paragraph, but you need more for context.


In the 20th century, global temperatures rose more than one degree Fahrenheit. That doesn't seem like much, but it already has had a significant effect. In the 21st century, temperatures are expected to rise at least 4 degrees and perhaps as much as 10 degrees.

Global warming appears to be a far more serious problem than international terrorism, yet Bush ignores it.

When it comes to Social Security, easily repaired, Bush is Chicken Little. When it comes to global warming, a far greater threat to our nation and the planet, Bush becomes Pollyanna.

Bush may be the nice man his fans give him credit for being, but his judgment seems seriously impaired. Why clear-thinking Republicans are so tolerant of his missteps is another of life's mysteries

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