Friday, June 10, 2005

"Better Positioned to Realize our Goals"

Since when does paying out 2 billion dollars allow a company to be "better positioned to realize" their goals? Zoiks! These people are playing with too many dollars if they can spare that much capital and still function. Enron shareholders must be at least vindicated if they are not happy as a whole. Of course, we are still waiting for Kenny Boy Lay (who had his hand so far down W's shorts to fatten up the election campaign wallet, we can't tell who he's playing ball with) to get his justice meted out.

Citigroup Inc. said on Friday it will pay $2 billion to Enron Corp. shareholders who accused it of helping the energy trader in a massive accounting fraud, a move that cleans up one of the bank's top legal problems and could pressure others to settle the case.

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SheaNC said...

Hmm... how about, "By doing so, we will be better positioned to realize our goals [by bribing the stockholders to not only keep our asses out of prison but who can also provide beaucoup perks when the time is right]"