Thursday, June 23, 2005

All is Well, Remain Calm

I got another Email from MoveOn dot org (okay, it's an automated process), and had a flashback to the scene in Animal House at the tail end of the movie where the ROTC dude is blowing his whistle, holding his hand up and shouting at the rushing crowd, "all is well, remain calm," and ends up flattened by the onslaught.

W, Rove and Co. are trying to sell us on the idea that all is well in Iraq and that we just need to buck up and remain calm, and of course, pony up more hard earned taxpayer bux to fund more outsourced work to our good friends at Halliburton.

Next week, President Bush is expected to give a speech in which, despite the chaos and car bombs and rising daily attacks by insurgents, he'll argue that everything is going well in Iraq and we should stay the course. It's clear that the president is out of touch with reality—as Republican Senator Chuck Hagel said, "It's like they're just making it up as they go along. The reality is that we're losing in Iraq."

We believe that it's time to stand up to him and demand that Congress begin bringing our troops home, while doing what we can to support a stable Iraq. We got into this war the wrong way, and it's time to get out the right way.
End slice:

It must be challenging to come up with an effective exit srtategy. I have no idea how that would be executed. I think we should have never started bombing Iraq in the first place. But, I do think that the W, Rove and Co aught be held responsible and accountable for extricating our troops, the "right way." It's their mess, and they should clean it up.


Anonymous said...

All analogies are deficient

If the US keeps troops in Iraq, what is the incentive for Iraqis to defend themselves?

Can you do pushups for someone else? Does showing someone how to do pushups do anything for them?

If your spouse always cleans the bathroom, are you going to clean the bathroom?

The Iraqi's need a little tough love. ''Pull up your sox or die. We're out of here.''

Nedhead said...

"It's their mess, and they should clean it up."

Ahh, but see, they don't know how. I am talking about both BushCo and Iraq.

BushCo stepped in dog doodoo and can't find a stick to scrape it off their shoes, and they don't want to use their hands.

Iraq didn't ask for our "help" but got it anyway. Now that things are pretty well mucked up, by us, not them, they should get left holding the bag?

Anonymous said...

Whose bag is it?

Left holding the bag? under Saddam, if you believe Bush and Co, they didn't have a bag to hold. The reality was probably more like, If you didn't challenge Saddam or his sons you could live out your life without too much government interference. Except for Saddam's restrictions on your religious observances, and freeing women from chattel. Enlightenment is a bitch. Now there's this new bag, US furnished, a container from Uncle Sam. What they put into it, if you believe Bush and Co, is entirely up to them.

All analogies are deficient

Without regard to How it got there, wouldn't you scrape dog-do off your shoe? You benefit by having a clean shoe. Expecting someone else to scrape your shoe for you, particularly the someone who put it there, seems like wishful thinking.

SheaNC said...

Since we're building permanent bases, it's pretty obvious that we're there forever, basically, just like we are everywhere else. We're in Korea and we're not leaving. We're all over the world. We encouraged Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait as an excuse to install a base in Saudi Arabia. More installations needed; more wars will be fought to get them. The fighting in Iraq won't stop. War has been waged in the middle east for thousands of years! Bush's folksy charm won't convince them to look up and smile wecomingly at the US. Like Bush said, he's a war president. And his country is in the war business.