Sunday, June 05, 2005

Treatment No. 3

Our friends who are fighting breast cancer had their third (of four) round of chemo this week. We were supposed to bring them dinner two nights before, but becuase their daughter had her third birthday over the Memorial Day holiday there were a plethora of relatives in town. So, they asked us to push our support to a time when they were not expecting an out pouring of help. Of course, we obliged.

We did have a fun play date with their daughter over the holiday weekend and it was fun for everyone. The husband sent me an email of thanks and upon consideration of some ideas I suggested, he and his spouse took a night off from all parenting and went to see a movie, had dinner and stayed out for a late evening watching the waves. With his Mom in town, they had a perfect babysitter. I was saying they should do an overnight without kids before their new one arrives in three months because, as all new parents know, it takes a while to work out the routine when a newborn is in the house.

Anyway, there is a really interesting article for those interesting in reading about first hand accounts of those surviving breast cancer in today's local rag. It's long, so set asside some time if you are intersted to read.

Carpe Diem all - I say this also, because as I was warming down from the AM run I bumped into our neighbor and she said her Significant Other's father suffered another stroke and passed away yesterday. Luckily the SO was already visiting the faimily and was in Puerto Rico when it happend. Life is short, and in the end, we are all food for worms.

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