Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Trash for Cash

Why anyone would buy or even read this book is beyond me. There are many better books to dive into. I do like the Clinton camp's reply:
"We don't comment on works of fiction, let alone a book full of blatant and vicious fabrications contrived by someone who writes trash for cash," said Philippe Reines, a spokesman for the senator.

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Nedhead said...

And the author is quoted as saying:

"If you are a fair-minded, balanced journalist, you have to say Hillary has performed brilliantly in the last five years, and that's what makes her such a formidable politician," Klein told the AP.

The author said he expects Clinton to win easy re-election to the Senate next year, to capture the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 and to have "a real shot at winning red states" in the election.