Saturday, June 11, 2005

Militant Evangelical Proselytizing

The Air Force Acadamy has a problem. Why is it that Evangelicals enjoy foisting their viewpoint on others?


In an overdue burst of candor, the superintendent of the Air Force Academy has acknowledged that his campus is so permeated with evangelical proselytizing that it will take years to rid the institution of religious intolerance. Lt. Gen. John Rosa Jr. said he finds the problem of cadets unfairly pressured to adopt Christian beliefs and practices occurring throughout "my whole organization," with offenders among faculty, staff and students.

"Perception is reality," the general apologetically declared of numerous complaints that cadets' constitutional rights have been violated by militant evangelists wielding peer pressure with the blessing of authority figures in the chain of command
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Indeed, perception is reality. This gets back to an earlier question: how do we ensure that there is separation of church and state?


Anonymous said...

Nothing ado about much

A few courts martial would have a salutory effect. If the military doesn't have the balls to discipline its own, over a Constitutionally protected right, where does that come from? The tree of state decays from the top.

Trudging said...


Nedhead said...

"evangelical proselytizing"

There aren't many university campuses that aren't subjected to this, particularly in the south (based upon my limited contacts who attended southern schools). Why would we expect different in a military academy?

What about "evangelical proselytizing" in urban areas by mormons? What about the same thing in depressed regions throughout the world (Christian missionaries in Africa?)?

I don't know if there is an answer to this. Why can't we just respect others? (And I do think it comes down to lack of respect).

Just watch out for flying bibles and korans!