Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ordered Not to Boo

This is an interesting idea, presented at Take it to Karl:
I have 2 achievement medals commending my actions at classified locations. I'm one of many who have more time in a tent than Bush has in the ANG. He is wrong. His speech was foolish. Giving it at a location where people were ordered not to boo him and to applaud shows rank cowardice. By landing on a military base and never leaving it, he proved he is afraid to face the public.
I do believe that folks serving in classified actions that recieve not one, but two achievment medals might know a thing or two about the difference between cowardice and bravery.

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Anonymous said...


The way I heard it on NPR, the troops were standing at Attention during Bush's speech. Whether that's normal or not I don't know. The Commander-in-Chief could have said ''At ease.'' But that would have called attention (no pun intended) to the purely military composition of his audience. If they were At Ease, and boo'd, what could he do? Sort of a Catch-22 for the big guy.

Applause, which occurred once, also out of order for troops standing at Attention, was started by a Bush aide.