Wednesday, June 15, 2005

99.9% Pure Coward

I don't usually visit Daily KOS as they have so many comments it is difficult to track any kind of dialog. Even so, some of the comments, such as this one, are very enticing:
Let us suppose that 10,000 Americans joined the army last month (it's less than that).

Let us suppose that they were all Republicans (it's less than that).

Let us suppose that only 10,000,000 Americans voted for Bush (it's more than that).

That means that at least 999 out of every 1,000 Bush voters once again took a pass on joining the army last month, even though the army really needs them, and even though they say they support the troops and agree with what they're doing in Iraq.

Bush voters are 99.9% pure coward.


Nedhead said...

I 100% agree that a majority of Bush supporters would never back up their words with actions (i.e. volunteer for military service). But what percentage of "I Support Our Troops" would volunteer?

I support our troops. But by that I mean bring them home. Get them out of the line of fire, what better way to protect them? So am I a coward?

Jet said...

I think the slow down in sucessful recruitment is a perfect form of passive resistance. Coupled with the bi-partisan call for an exit strategy that came today and the huge public shift against the war, we may see progress towards getting our people out of there. I actually think W wouldn't risk implementing the draft now, it could shift 2006 and 2008 away from them, and that isn't worth it.

SheaNC said...

Draft the Repugs! Draft the Bush twins! Let the chickenhawks loose!

Rik said...

They should draft all the kids of every republican senator and congressman. Heck they should even draft Bush's two no good daughters. Let's see how supportive of the war they'll be then.

Sending other people to war and dead is always easier than going yourself.