Sunday, June 19, 2005

"There's a Reason We Oppose Him." Subtitle: Moxie Grrrl Rant Deluxe!

We are still wrapped up in the hetero-committment ceremony deal this weekend with the follow up cook out this afternoon. I won't be on line all day. I suggest you read Moxie Grrrl's post for today. She hits many nails on the head.

Fire it up Grrrl. The Mox nocks the sox off many a blogger. Blog on Sister.

I oppose an administration that wraps itself in the cloak of moral values and shows itself to be anything but moral.

7:10 Update - It looks as though this post over at Moxie Grrrl is really authored by Kid Bastard (whom I think is her husband? who guest posts every so often). All in the family over there - blog on.


Anne said...

I keep wishing Bush et. al. would read the red words in the New Testament... they seem to have no idea what Jesus is reputed to have actually said.

SheaNC said...

Hers was a great message, so I offered my appreciation. Along with a little rant of my own subversive left-wing wacko-ness.

MoxieGrrrl said...

Hey baby - thanks for linking :) Yes, Kid is my husband, and he is exceptionally good at getting right to the heart of the issues.

Blog on, my friend!