Thursday, June 30, 2005

1 Bush = ?

I was thinking about this on my AM run. Sure we need to beat the terrorists, and better to do it on theirs rather than our soil. Bear in mind that it is questionable that there were more terrorist in Iraq before we got there.

Even so, W was saying on Tuesday that yes, indeed, no matter the cost, "It is worth it." So, I put the question to you. How much is 1 Bush worth?

This led me to perhaps a really good freeway blog entry that I may put up this weekend.
1 Bush = How Many Dead Iraqi Children?
Warning - Graphic Photos many reichwingers won't want to look at are Contained in the prior two links - not suitable for children
Let's ask the questions again:
A - How much is 1 Bush worth?

B- Is it still worth it?


Anonymous said...

one bush is not worth dirt; but since it is all an illusion, it really does not matter, it is all nonsense....T

Anonymous said...

Definitions are tricky things

On man's ''terrorist'' is another man's ''freedom fighter.'' Do we give a rat's patootie which is which as long as they don't come here?

The concept that ''terrorists'' want to inflict damage on the United States is defective. Osama bin Laden might. But his agenda is to free the people of Saudi Arabia from the clutches of the House of Saud. Whether or not Saudi Arabia can save itself from its own mismanagement, or from the people who want a change in government there is a bigger problem for the USofA than ''terrorists.'' They're sitting on a reservoir of sweeter oil than Iraq.

Bush strained credulity once again when he didn't propose raising CAFE standards for vehicle fuel mileage as part of his energy policy. So long as the USofA keeps doing really stupid things like that, we're going to have a problem with ''terrorists.''

Enlightenment said...

"Sure we need to beat the terrorists, and better to do it on theirs rather than our soil."

Windspike, you seem like an otherwise intelligent individual so it baffles me how you could buy into the administration's hollow rhetoric and not just internalize it but parrot it. There is a mountain of proof that shows the "war on terrorism" is a farce, revolving around control of oil and natural gas resources. In the face of an enormous amount of evidence regarding 9/11, what could possibly make you think it WASN'T an inside job?? Is it that you won't LET yourself accept it, that it is "too scary to contemplate"? I have bad news for you Windspike: Psychological cowardice does not "refute" anything. Cold hard facts cannot be negated by ostrich-like head-burying. They're still there even if seeing them is obscured by a few inches of sand. As it is now, only 16% of Americans still think the administration is being honest with them regarding 9/11. SIXTEEN PERCENT!
Please don't be the last guy on the schoolbus to think Santa Claus is real.