Sunday, June 26, 2005

Still Feeling Like This

I originally posted this print a few days ago after reading through a bunch of blogs regarding the morass Rove stuck his mouth in. Unfortunately, this is how I am feeling still. Anyone else?


KristynMarie said...

I always feel that way lately :)


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I feel that way only because a quick weekend flight to Maine has left me with a dial - up connection.
I feel sqimming naked in the ocean will take care of it though.

SheaNC said...

I certainly do.

carrie said...

always! ;-) existential angst, baby.

pia said...

existential angst isn't quite the term when the anger is totally morally justified.

Do love the picture.

Am actually trying to frame a post around a comment somebody left on Bring it on! telling me that people in California were as affected as people in Manhattan during and after 9/11.

One of the few times in my life words don't easily come. People truly believe Karl Rove!

Brad Todd said...

Were you aware that it was none other than Howie Dean in "The Scream". He posed for the painting while still a student in med school..

Strange how it was so prophetic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove's two-edged sword

Rove usurped the good name of conservatives by using ''conservativism'' as a launch pad for an attack on ''liberals.'' The Rove/Bush program is anything but conservative. Real conservatives are well aware of that. The neo-cons are cons, period. They're not at all conservative. The attack on Iraq, a country that had not attacked us, was a radical, ideologically driven event. It was not ''conservative.''

No ''liberal'' would attack ''conservatives'' like Rove did. All one need do is a Find/Replace swapping the two words. Change Rove's attack into one on conservatives by liberals. (Then post it on wingnut websites.)

For the puppet-master to take his hand out of the Bush sock-puppet and step out from behind the screen to address the audience directly is a huge mistake. For the Bush-puppet not to fire this fool is another huge mistake. Bush is so weak!

Jet said...

No wind, I don't. I'm actually kind of grateful to Rove for showing his ass in Manhattan. I finally felt like we forced a move, and it's because the Dems are pushing the Downing Street Memo. It broke and died for 4 weeks...he thought he'd quashed it. Bloggers forced this issue -- ordinary citizens like you and me. I feel like our love of country is vindicated. He's reacting to US.

Sure, he thinks he'll put the fact washing machine on the spin cycle, just like all the other times, but it won't work. The truth is gaining momentum. I have a little glowing kernel of pride in me for that. So should you.

Marie said...



That's how I feel about it!