Friday, March 24, 2006

QED: Why We Need A New President, Post-Haste

Dust off your thinking caps. I found snazzy paragraph to further support the idea that we need a wholesale replacement of the current administration; who are busilly using the authority vested in the Whitehouse to whip our government into a mono-theocracy. Really, what we need is a rational, thinking president that bases decisions on facts and truth versus the current incarnation.
If nothing further were at stake, I should not be particularly concerned about whether we believe in a rule world or an unruly one, for, not prizing the purity of our affirmations, I am not afraid that we might hold false beliefs. The problem is that our beliefs about the structure of the world go hand-in-hand with the methodologies we adopt to study it. The worry is not so much that we will adopt the wrong images with which to represent the world, but rather than we will choose wrong tools with which to change it.

- Nancy Cartwright, 1999.


Neil Shakespeare said...

I don't get that. The premise is still there that we are in a position to change the world, that we have the power to change the world and...what? That we have to use it somehow to make the world fit our image? A mite arrogant, don't you think? Well, we love to play God, I guess...

isabelita said...

I think the time is passing, or is past, when we could have helped any other part of the world. Potentially, we could have helped others by spreading education,sharing knowledge, but we here all know that is a ludicrous or tragic fantasy at this point, depending upon one's position. The people in power are all pillagers, looters, "captains of industry." EVERYTHING is about winning the fucking pennant race, beating out the other guy, beating one's chest and hooting in derision. That's the fucking "Free Market" in a nutshell.
I'm despairing. About the best we can do is salvage any little bit in our corner.