Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Eleven Minute Shrill Call Of the Shill: Making Life Easy for the Big Dick.

In case you didn't notice it, the Veep (Big Dick Cheney) was "interviewed" today by Tony Snow. With interviews like this, they don't need a catapult to launch the propaganda. I'm just reprinting the Qs from the Q & A and you can tell the straw men were full loaded and ready to be blown over so easily even Monica could have done it. Review these and then tell me something about the "liberal" press and the "mainstream" press' bias. Holy shit, have a look:
11:45 A.M. EST

Q Welcome back. Joining me now the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. Mr. Vice President, thanks for joining us.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Hello, Tony. It's good to talk to you.

Q So the Democrats now have a plan. They call it Real Security: The Democratic Plan to Protect America and Restore Our Leadership in the World. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in here that actually talks about attacking the bad guys. But let's talk about some of the things that at least have been mentioned in recent days and weeks by Democrats -- number one, the idea of strategic withdrawal from Iraq in order to "strengthen our position in the region."

My question to you is, is there any difference in your mind between strategic withdrawal and retreat?

Q You mentioned bin Laden who likes to talk about strong horse versus weak horse. He has predicted that the United States would become a weak horse. Are you saying that the Democrats, rather than as they have promised to do, to capture bin Laden, that they'd be giving in to him instead?

Q I've talked to a number of people who have been in Iraq. The same stories keep coming back, which is that Iraqis increasingly are taking responsibility for military and police actions. Do you think it's conceivable or even likely that by the end of this year, there will be fewer American troops on the ground in Iraq?

Q Today's release by Democrats contains a lot of second-guessing about what led up to the war and the early execution of it, including the notion that it was based on faulty security. Recently a number of documents that had been retrieved from Iraq have been translated, and what we're starting to get is a picture of Saddam Hussein actively involved in training terrorists, and even talking about weapons of mass destruction. Is it possible that we actually underestimated Saddam's involvement in the international terror network?

Q Including Osama bin Laden?

Q I want to be clear because I've heard you say this, and I've heard the President say it, but I want you to say it for my listeners, which is that the White House has never argued that Saddam was directly involved in September 11th, correct?

Q Democrats also argue that they're going to improve intelligence gathering, at the same time they have opposed the National Security Agency's previous program of trying to conduct surveillance on electronic communications from al Qaeda -- known al Qaeda operatives, whether they're abroad or in the United States, and people within the United States. If that program had not been in place, would Americans have died?

Q Would you like to see Senate leaders go ahead and call Senator Feingold's bluff by bringing his censure resolution to the floor for a vote?

Q The other thing -- one of the other striking things of the Democratic plan is that they would get bin Laden. Do you think they know how to do it?

Q But you don't seriously think they've got a secret plan for getting bin Laden?

Q Okay. A couple of things, I think a couple of minutes ago -- I want to make sure -- you said Osama bin Laden wasn't involved in 9/11 planning. You meant Saddam Hussein, correct? That Saddam Hussein was not involved in September 11th?

Q Okay.

Q Yes. Well, otherwise we'd have a whole lot more stories to deal with.

Q Some radioactive stuff got across the border the other day. We were doing a test, and it turned out that somebody faked some paperwork. Are you confident that we are going to be able to put together security measures that make it impossible -- or make it at least unlikely that somebody is going to be able to bring into this country the stuff necessary to create either a dirty bomb or a nuclear bomb?

Q Exactly.

Q What do you make of proposals to put up a wall between the United States and Mexico? For it or against it?

Q Mr. Vice President, got a half a minute, the last question -- do you think Democrats are playing with fire in this? Do you think this attempt to come up with a security strategy is going to backfire on them?

Q All right, Mr. Vice President.

(Sound bite is played.)

Q Thanks for joining us.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: All right. Good to talk to you.

END 11:56 A.M. EST
No shit it was good for The Big Dick Cheney to talk to this man - there wasn't a difficult question to be found at all. Tony sets them up, and The Big Dick fires all his guns at the specified target. You might have just as well had Karl Rove ask him the questions directly and stop this charade.


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Well, here you have it again: Strong Whore, Weak Whore. You always want the Strong Whore interviewed by the Weak Whore.

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Ugh! right. That little ditty goes beyond spin into the realm of unreality, but hey Dick dwells there anyway.