Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Desperately Seeking The Geopolitical G-Spot

With this morning's news that Andy Card is stepping down, one has to wonder will the American public care? Doubt it. How many average American's are sitting there listening to the news scratching their heads saying, "Andy who?"

Perhaps the bigger subtext of the W's latest political parlor trick is the reason why Karl Rove was not promoted to take his supervisor's place. Sure we can never know that rationale explicitly. But, it left me thinking on my morning run as to how the W, Rove and Co tends to operate - basically, since stealing the election in Y2K they have been desperately seeking the geopolitical G-Spot. What's that you ask? Well, I'm glad you did.

The Geopolitical G-spot is that place, if found and fondled, triggers the ultimate climax for those in charge. This climax, when reached, is a time where all is copasetic domestically and internationally. This is a political nirvana where, as the W, Rove and Co might define it, an administration receives not only a near unanimous approval rating, but they also are able to move their agenda forward as if they were passing out cotton candy to four year olds at a birthday party instead of pushing laws that restrict, for example, a woman's right to control her own body, or where invasion of privacy is ignored yielding to the blind allegiance of the faithful patriots. When finally hitting the geopolitical g-spot, the administration's stars align and they open a whole new utopia where no one in the press feels misled and asks only softball questions, and reports nothing but "good-"spoon-fed news.

Unfortunately for the W, Rove and Co and the American people, what has been going on almost continuously since the outset of this administration has been a lot of groping and tongue play, that feels a lot like the misguided foreplay of an 18 year old Christian teenager who thinks that sticking their tongues (and other things)in various places is still abstinence. But for the W, Rove and Co the consequences are much more grave (involving large numbers of dead people instead of pregnant teen girls).

Desperate in their quest to find the Geopolitical G-Spot, they end up doing damage both emotionally and physically that is irrevocable: Just like you can't become a little bit pregnant. The more they try, the more damage they do as they miss over and again. Then for a short bit, they think they have found it, but really, it was America and the world faking it (not unlike Sally did with Harry, when they met). Or, they don't know they missed because they surround themselves with people who say the polls don't matter and there is no civil war in Iraq.

With the news about Andy Card today, one wonders what kind of damage this latest political maneuver will play out. Will the press fall for this latest attempt to hit the geopolitical G-Spot, or will they stand up and do their jobs, slapping this administration again and again? Only time will tell, but I for one, suggest the W, Rove and Co. stop their desperate attempt to find the Geopolitical G-Spot. Stand down, step aside and let some one else try. It couldn't get any worse if they did, could it?

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Yikes! That is a frightening analogy. I keep seeing Bush & Karl with their hands all over the American Pussy, trying to find that....URRRGHGGG!! It gives me shivers!

enigma4ever said...

hmm, maybe we should seel condoms with this theme( kind of like putting Condi on the Wrapper)..but after reading this I have no interest in sex at all...ever again...blaghhhhhhh....

windspike said...

Neil, I do apologize for giving you the shivers - But shiver me timbers, we need to slap these folks around don't we?

E4E - i apologize for killing your libido...but hey, abstinence makes the heart grow fonder, no?

Blog on all.

isabelita said...

These fuckers are like porn addicts, dried up old impotent men who can never get it up again. Power and warmongering are their only turn-ons, what gets their clotting blood lurching through their stringy old blood vessels. They truly need to be put out of their misery, before they cause us all any more.