Thursday, March 23, 2006

March Madness Hits Home

Okay, I have not been following the tourney, and specifically don't play any particular office pools mainly becuase I have never won one and can't see tossing good money after bad (unlike our current administration - sorry for the political comment for a really fun post).

But as luck would have it, Gonzaga is playing in the Oakland set of games this evening and I had friends in the area that went to the open practice. Lo and behold, they managed to get themselves on television. Have a gander at this uplifting video - those of you with diabetes (juvinile or any other sort) may be especially interested.

Long ago, I helped bring this little girl's mother to the hospital for her original birthday. That was almost ten years ago. Now, I'm just proud of them.

Take a look by clicking on the GU Mania Hits California video clip, here.


Kvatch said...

I'm all over March Madness this year. Not one, but *BOTH* of my alma maters are in the Sweet 16, Texas and George Mason.


Kvatch said...

Damn Gonzaga goes down, but the resplendent Longhorns triumph. Now if George Mason can just pull it out tonight...on to a all Kvatch's higher education final!