Friday, February 03, 2006

Your Dream Is My Dream And The Co-opted Future of the World - Sub Title: The Enemy That Lurks

Okay, so, while the President and his wife are galavanting about New Mexico (on whose dollar?), the Shrub takes another risk at revealing the real reasons why he believes the invasion of Iraq was a good thing regardless whether it was initiated on false intelligence. In doing so, he shows us who he really is. Have a gander (oh, and for the real Bush haters out there, be sure to have your vomit bags ready before you start the quote):
And I strongly reject that notion. And I want to explain to you why. First of all, with an enemy that lurks, if we were to withdraw it would only embolden the enemy and make this country less secure. If we were to withdraw from the world it would be a missed opportunity to lay the foundation of peace for generations to come by spreading liberty and freedom. See, part of my foreign policy is this: I believe that there is an Almighty and I believe that the Almighty's gift to everybody on the face of the Earth, regardless of where they live, regardless of their religion, is freedom. And I believe deep in everybody's soul is the deep desire to live in freedom. And I believe that this country, if it were to retreat, would miss an opportunity to help others realize their dream. And I also know that history has proven that free societies yield the peace that we all want.
This paragraph is proof positive that you just can't make shit like this up. First off, how can people who consistently and constantly refuse to speak about hypotheticals continue to predict the future with such great confidence? "If X then Y," but if we stay the course, all will be well? If you buy that, you are a bigger chump than me. And excuse me, but the very fear the W, Rove and Co. mongers are pushing suggests that despite all their best efforts we still need fear these suicidal Devils?

Next, we see that Shrub's doin' "God's" work. Trouble is, the folks in Al Qaeda think they are doing God's work as well. So, who's right?

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Neil Shakespeare said...

"We have an enemy that lurks, you see. They 'lurk'. They're 'lurkers'. Heh he. They are constantly lurking...

Gawd I love that 'enemy that lurks' shit...