Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meanwhile, All's Well In Iraq

"Remain calm, all is well (points to the blogger who can identify the movie and scene this quote comes from)." Not in Iraq.
Mortar fire killed 15 people and clashes erupted around two mosques in Baghdad on Sunday but pleas for unity and a third day of curfew in the city seemed to dampen sectarian violence that has pitched Iraq toward civil war.
What about for folks at home with family members serving as GIs over in there? Nope.
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Bomb blasts and gunfire killed at least 27 people, including two U.S. soldiers, in Baghdad and nearby towns Sunday as an emergency daylight curfew was lifted in three provinces following the bombing of a Shiite shrine and a wave of retribution against Sunnis.
I guess this is proof that the W, Rove and Co strategy of invading countries for no particular reason or a cooked up one is working. Or is it?


brian423 said...

Animal House?

windspike said...

You win Brian - but, what's the scene?

Neil Shakespeare said...

Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into, Georgie!

Jeremy said...

Last night, MSNBC of all channels actually did a piece on the Iraqi insurgency. They did a really good job with it (almost PBS/Frontline worthy, but not quite). Anyone catch it?

I found it interesting because even those in the administration who were interviewed not only conceded, but adamantly stated that the insurgency and the car bomb magnet our troops have now become in Iraq has nothing to do with them hating us for freedom, jealous of our (eroding) liberties, etc. It really gave insight into where they’re coming (many more from northern Africa than once was the case), why they’re doing what they’re doing, and where a lot of the rage comes from.

The real observations from those who study it for a living, from those on the ground, from those who know it best, contradict the typical conservative asshole with 11 American flags on his SUV who has drank the “Saddam was one of the 9/11 hijackers” Kool-aid to the point where I wish I had the video gear Crooks & Liars does just to show segments of the site to anyone who is interested.

I was so convinced I was watching PBS, each time there was a commercial break I thought, “why is PBS doing comer….OHHHH nevermind.”