Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You Don't Even Need A Bullshit Detector for This

The Pakistani journalists asked the Shrubmiester several challenging questions. Really, you don't need a bullshit detector in this case to know that you need hipwaders to travel through this text. Have a gander at two great questions that get the usual W, Rove and Co rhetorical rinse:
Q Does it mean that at some date you could decide to take military action against Iran? Would you --

THE PRESIDENT: Diplomacy is our first option.

Q Mr. President, the recent incident in which U.S. military made a strike in the Pakistani tribal area, in the Bajaur area. This has happened before also, and there was some outrage in Pakistan that there was no remorse from the U.S. government on the action. These actions, when they are taken, is it because -- the unilateral action that the folks on the other side do not trust their colleagues on the side of the border, or it's the timing, is it intelligence, or the lack of operational capabilities on the side -- on the Pakistani side, that such actions are taken?

THE PRESIDENT: We are -- we're partners in the war against terrorists, some of whom tried to kill your President. We coordinate. We're allies and we coordinate. Nor do we talk about sensitive anti-terror operations. Of course the United States mourns the loss of innocent life.


Neil Shakespeare said...

"We coordinate. We're allies and we coordinate. But we're not very coordinated allies. In fact, we aren't coordinated at all. But we're practicing."

pissed off patricia said...

Yep, I can smell it from here.

Anita said...

Doesn't he feel stupid regurgitating the "they tried to kill your President" line? Not to sound callous, but aren't people always trying to kill world leaders -- particularly American leaders?

Dude, it ain't cuttin' the mustard no more ...