Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One Sentence That Aught Scare and Piss Off Every Congressional Member - Subtitle: W, The Equal Opporunity, Non-Partisan Offender

The Shrubmaster is busy politicizing his "triumphant" signing of a bill to slash and burn the middle and lower classes today. There's really only one sentence in today's speech that should scare the pants off and anger every member of congress at this point, if they are not already steamed about having congressional oversight de-elevated to the status of a Veep Briefing by the Big Dick Cheney himself (a la NSA wiretapping without a warrant):
And, finally, I'd like to have the line-item veto. (Applause.)
Of course, if you review the text of today's speechifying and notice where all the applause hits, you should be asking yourself who is in the audience. Yup, another stacked audience full of New Hampshire bankers - just the kind of people that will win big if there is privatization of any public funds programs.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Yeah, and I'd like to have a line item veto of him...

Kvatch said...

"Line item veto," not bloody likely! Though I did hear from Kathy at Stone Soup Musings that Social Security privitization is back in the budget. I just about blew a gasket when I heard that...right along with my congresscritters. Arrrgggghhhhh!