Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Playing Politics - It Ain't Tiddlywinks

I love it when politicians complain about people "playing politics," and then go ahead and catapult the propaganda in an effort to play politics. A recent post over at Pissed Off Patricia's location got my brain burning. Really, if you think about it, the recent ploy by the W, Rove and Co to co-opt the very liberal ideas of solar and wind and other alternative power sources is a very brilliant Rovian political ploy. Here's what I said in a comment over at PoP:
The W, Rove and Co is really trying to politically co-opt the liberal agenda in anticipation of having to spar with folks during the Aught Six elections. That's what this whole propoganda junket is all about. So, they can say, hey, we talked about solar, and wind...just like they said, "hey, we briefed members of Congress" on the illegal spying program. It mollifies the public, but certainly doesn't make it legal. They are executing a classic Rovian ploy to deflate the argument in anticipation of it being played.

Damn, they are not stupid, but brilliant political strategists. Playing politics all the time makes it seem like you are not playing politics.
Like NOLA crawfish who get put into cold water and the flame turned on, we must be carefully aware that the W, Rove and Co is not so stupid as they put us all into the pot and turn on the natural gas burner on us. We must stop them - before we are completely cooked - by following the money to expose where the W, Rove and Co's agenda truly lies.


pissed off patricia said...

Keeping it military, "tanks" for the link to Morning Martini.

Your next cyber-cocktail is on me!

Chancelucky said...

Well the idea of "conservation" is fundamentally conservative in the most basic sense. It's more that the current conservatives aren't even remotely conservative in any way which people can respect.

Jimmy Carter actually promoted a lot of these ideas and made the same plea for energy independence almost 30 years ago, but you won't find any current conservatives who will admit it.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Yeah, it's really something, ain't it? The old "Cut 'em off at th pass!". It's all a fucking dog and pony show.