Friday, February 17, 2006

Life at 60 MPH

Just testing to see how I can get my image uploaded as a gravitar to various locations. This is me out on the 1 Dec 2005 - with gusts to 60 MPH. Yup, it was a hair on fire, hang on for dear life day - and more fun than Hugh Hefner has at one of his parties.


enigma4ever said...

Thank you for sharing that shot...a year ago I was living on the California Coast...and I miss the surf..the water..the sand...the gulls....thanks for the little moment to escape back in time...

( It looks like it was a blast...)

pissed off patricia said...

Did you see John Kerry out there? LOL

Just teasing because Kerry took so much crap when he went wind-surfing.

I live on the east coast of Fla. and on a windy day the w-surfers are all over the water. The sails are beautiful.

isabelita said...

Absofuckinglutely wonderful! My friend who died recently offered to teach me how to windsurf, back in 1980. I never took him up on it, and shortly thereafter, was pregnant with our beloved son.
Now I think my joints wouldn't hold up to the learning curve. So I climb.
But hey, physically-induced exhilaration is precious, whatever the source!
We were lucky to be able to watch some of the windsurfing World Cup runs on Hookipa Beach on Maui about 6 years ago...ramping up the waves, going higher than a house, flipping, landing, miraculously it seemed...literally a rush just to watch!

windspike said...

Hey E4E - you are mighty welcome. You are right, it was a blast.

Hye PoP - You know, Kerry sails the east coast, which I don't. Even so, I was definately excited at the prospect of having a windsurfer in the whitehouse. Talk an improvement in role models for our children.

Isa, I am sure you know it, but when you go to Hookipa, you are watching the worlds best in the best possible triple black daimond location to see it. Those guys are unbelievable. My motto is - 'sail safe, so I can sail tomorrow." some of those other dudes have a screw loose in their noggins. But you are right - the rush is unreal. No substitute.