Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Profit Mohammed

In case you are out of the loop and have not seen the cartoons, go here to judge their offensiveness. Incidentially, just a quick question - If it's against religious law for the image of Muhammed to be looked at, can any of the violent protesters have seen these images to know enough about what they are so pissed about?


Ugly Jesus said...

Are the jihadists really upset because it was just a little old timey bomb depicted in Mohammeds turbin instead of a real nuke like the "Christian" nations have?

As an American artist, should I depict Jesus with a nuke protruding out of his cloak?

Neil Shakespeare said...

Ran into a link to a Jan 14 post at BIBELEN http://bibelen.blogspot.com/2006/01/imams-show-pedophile-mohamed.html that maintains that the 12 original cartoons aren't the ones in question. The ones that are inflaming the Muslim world (biblen believes) are three added by the Danish Imams who took them to the Middle East just for the very purpose of stirring things up. Whereas the original 12 are rather mild, these additions are pretty harsh. One show Mohamed as a pig, another shows him being fucked by a dog, and the third as a pedophile. Makes a bit of sense of the timing of this. The original 12 came out in Sept but this stuff didn't start until about a week ago. The bibelen post is from Jan 14. Allow two weeks for these new cartoons to make the rounds and...? Interesting...don't you think?