Monday, February 27, 2006

Shaping the Future

You know, I told the people, we don't need to fear the future because we intend to shape the future.
Is that like spreading freedom? You know, if the W, Rove and Co are going to "shape the future," don't you think they should take responsibility for creating the immediate past that feeds our current status quo?

Why do I get the sneaking feeling that the W, Rove and Co's drive to "shape the future," will include a vociferous abdication of all culpability when judgment day cometh?


stacy said...

Personal responsibility, what is that?

Nothing is their fault. There is a long line of GOP shills and conservative bushbots lined up to take the fall for all his eggregious errors.

Oh, and what happened to Bush's domestic program? Does he even have one, other than make the rich richer?

pissed off patricia said...

Good luckth to them on judgement day. I hope it is quickly cometh-ing