Monday, February 06, 2006

No Satisfaction

Not for this cowpoke, either. Is it me or do the Stones look tired, as in no longer rolling? The way I saw it, Mick and the crew looked like the couldn't squeeze an ounce of satisfaction into their tired old act at the Super Bowl half. Don't you think after singing that same tune for over forty years, they could at least get a bit of satisfaction, btw?

All around, this was a rather mundane super bowl, wouldn't you say? Unless you are a Steelers fan, the show of it was rather dull. Not only that, but the commercials I saw were not all that entertaining. And the ones for the giant SUVs were outright offensive. They might as well had slapped a big yellow ribbon magnet on the back ends of them. How can they advertise such gas guzzlers at a time when oil is being bought by GI blood? Some times capitalist America demonstrates how out of touch with reality people really are. Oh, and by show of hands, how many of you out there think that these players/entertainers are entirely paid way too much money for so very little?

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