Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today, I Agree With The President

Last afternoon yesterday, the Shrubster said this, to which I concur:
As most folks know, there's a lot of needless politics in Washington, D.C. There's a lot of finger pointing and a lot of zero-sum attitude amongst the people up there.
Sounds a lot like the vacuous style of blame game played by the Rovian strategists trying to co-opt another liberal idea - solar technology. But, I wonder to whom he is referring? If he doesn't name names, isn't he also playing politics? Certainly, as the latest assessment of the W, Rove and Co to come out of Congress stipulates, there is enough blame to stick to everyone in power. And, who's at the head of it there in DC?

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pissed off patricia said...

A lot of my posts begin with a comment I have left or am about to leave at someone else's site. I know what you mean.

You're right in your idea of course. They're playing the game. When they say the Dems have no plan, I have to laugh. If the Dems told them their plan the Repubs would steal it and say hey, look at our new plan.