Friday, February 10, 2006

Intellectual Disconnect Is No Excuse for NOLA and the Katrina SNAFU

So, if Scotty says: "We knew of the flooding that was going on," McClellan said. "That's why our top priority was focused on saving lives." Why does this sound like an intellectual disconnect to me?

Actually, as the evidence surfaces from the quagmire that was/is NOLA, we see the idea that there should be many forthcoming class action style wrongful death law suits against the government at all levels isn't too far fetched:
"For them to claim that we didn't have awareness of it is just baloney."

Brown also told senators that decisions and policies by the parent Homeland Security Department doomed FEMA to "a path to failure" that led to the government's slow response to the storm. He said that because of a focus on terrorism, natural disasters "had become the stepchild of the Department of Homeland Security."

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