Monday, February 13, 2006

It’s the Downright Disastrous, Dangerous, and Deadly Disaster Response That Defines the Unabashed and Unbridled Fear Dilatants of Bush, Rove & Co.

Whew, I had fun writing the title for this post. Say it five times fast and I dare you to not laugh. Trouble is; the topic is not the least bit funny. It occurs to me that, as the MSM is in a veritable tizzy about not being notified about the Big Dick’s blunderbuss blunder, the true measure of the W, Rove and Co will be the assessments of their downright disastrous, dangerous, and deadly responses to the various disasters that have occurred on their watch.

Take for example the ever so stroked and stoked infamous Nine Eleven disaster. Their response, on the one hand could be applauded as they went after the Taliban and Al Qaeda directly. On the other hand, we invaded a perfectly decent country called Iraq all in the name of stopping a tyrannous Saddam and the ever unflappable WMD excuse. Was that the right move and effective return for the billions of taxpayer dollars already poured after the lost millions used to bribe clan chiefs for assistance and pay Halliburton for services rendered at triple the going rates? It’s doubtful.

Take another example, the W, Rove and Co’s infamous SNAFU that was their response to Katrina via FEMA et. al. Sure, 2K is a lot of cash to hand folks who are walking away from what used to be their homes with nothing but the shirts on their backs, but over the long term, I do believe that there will be a large number of wrongful death lawsuits filed against the administration for folks who died because of that response or lack thereof.

Now lets take a gander at the response by the Big Dick himself in one very egregious error that could still result in the death of a fellow hunter. So, when the shit hit the fan, what’s the Big Dick do? Sure, he makes sure the victim gets med-evaced to a hospital. But then, does he call his boss to fill him in that he might be a bit late to Congress for the tie breaking vote for that ever so important bill they have been trying to sneak past the American public? Nope. He has a nice lady who owned the ranch break the news to a local rag the next AM. Sound like the right and Christian thing to do? The jury is still out on that one.

In the end, indeed, the W, Rove and Co will be measured up by their mistakes and missteps because those are the things that will affect the American people over the long term – and I’m afraid to say, and it disturbs me greatly to do so, but it seems that it is more of a negative than a positive affect.

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P.S. I had two thoughts about the literary facets or down falls (depending on your point of view, I suppose) of this post: 1) How many days a week does one get to use the word “blunderbuss” when not talking about pirates – or are we talking about pirates? Thanks to the Big Dick for facilitating my literary malfeasance in that department. 2) Points to the blogger who can identify the film and character who said “That’s a lot of alliteration for an over anxious anchorman,” in reference to my going over board with that very literary prop in the title.

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