Friday, February 03, 2006

The Shrill Shill: Ah, Another User Friendly Interview For The Big Dick

I had never heard of Laura Ingrham until today. Does any one out there listen to her? If you think she is anything but a shill for the W, Rove and Co, just examine the softballs she pitches to the Veep, our big, dear Dick Cheney.

Pay particular attention to the rhetoric and the way she phrases a question. Notice the term "eavesdrop" and how she describes the NSA warrantless wiretapping program. Also, notice how she allows the Veep to spew more Rovian generalizations rather than actually identify any individual culprit of what they call " isolationism" as a means to slander a whole host of individuals (read: any one who would disagree with them). I've yet to figure out what the whole reading line of query is all about. Any one have a clue?

If I were using her questions in a survey, not one single person would claim they were objective questions, let alone challenging in any way shape or form. Have a gander:
Q Yesterday, Porter Goss said on Capitol Hill that national security leaks have damaged us. And he said it has -- the damage done to our national security has been very severe. And he was talking, in part, about the information out there now about the way we eavesdrop on communications coming into the United States from al Qaeda affiliates.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, he's right about national security leaks...

Q I noticed that the President, Vice President Cheney, in the State of the Union speech used the word isolationist several times, and then in his speeches across the country after the State of the Union, he also used the isolationist word: "We cannot be isolationist . . . there used to be isolationism in the United States," and so forth. About whom is he speaking when he refers to isolationists today?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, I think -- I don't know that I want to put my finger on any one particular individual. Let me just describe a category...

Q What are you doing, the elliptical trainer? What's your exercise --

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I've got a recumbent bicycle that I ride.

Q You do the -- you read, don't you? You read when you're on the bike. I know you do.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Read and -- that's right -- read and watch the news.

Q And listen to the Laura Ingraham Show.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: And listen to the Laura Ingraham Show.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Q. And jerk off thinking about me?

A. And jerk off dreaming about you, Laura.

Kvatch said...

More conservative pundits falling into line to frame the debate. It's not "illegal wiretapping" it's "eavesdropping". Conjures up images of someone sitting next to you in a restaurant.