Saturday, February 25, 2006

More Bullshit From Washington - Subtitle: P.S. "We Respect Human Life."

Of course, because they granted an interview with the Prez for a Pakistani news outlet, they had to do the same for an Indian News agency. Here's another great question that the shubster bumbles all over. Have a gander at the bullshit the Indians are being fed:
Q I think the -- terrorism is one area a joint working group has been working excellently, even before the unfortunate incident of 9/11, between India and U.S. But the terrorist training camps and training infrastructure in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, has not been totally dismantled. How about a -- and from the Pak-Afghan border, sir, also, troops are being -- your troops are being targeted. So how --

THE PRESIDENT: Well, listen, I understand the war on terror is universal, and it's very important for all of us to work together to stop the advance and the goals of these terrorists. And you bring up Pakistan -- it's an interesting moment in our relationships with each other. It used to be that if America were close to Pakistan, then the Indian government --

Q Yes, that zero-sum game, that is over.

THE PRESIDENT: It was zero sum. And now I think President Musharraf understands that it's important for me to have a good relationship with India, and vice versa. Prime Minister Singh understands. And we do have a good relationship with both. But on my trip to Pakistan, I will, of course, talk about the terrorist activities, the need to dismantle terrorist training camps, and to protect innocent life, because one of the real dangers of the terrorist movement is that they'll kill innocent people to achieve an objective. And India and President Musharraf, as well as our country, cares deeply about innocent life. We respect human life.
And, the Shubster becomes very prophetic in the lighthearted segment of the interview:
Q While preparing to visit India, and political negotiations, have you discussed with Mrs. Bush how to negotiate hot Indian curry? (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I'm going to have to -- I'll have to try that on. I'll tell you afterwards. My one regret is that I'm not going to go see the Taj Mahal. And that's not the fault of the Indian government, that's the fault of the George W. Bush schedulers. And obviously, it goes to show sometimes the President doesn't get all his wishes.

But I am really looking forward to going to the country. I am looking forward to meeting members of the government. I'm looking forward to having private time with the Prime Minister. And I know Laura joins me in telling the Indian people thanks for friendship, and we can't wait to come to your country.

Q Thank you very much. And welcome to India, you and Mrs. Bush. And I think there will be many more visits after this.

THE PRESIDENT: I hope so. Thank you, sir.
Here's hoping the President doesn't get all his wishes while he finishes out his term, eh? Or better yet, his term comes to an abrupt halt for impeachement proceedings.

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, he should know all about that 'zero sum' stuff. If he can count that high...