Friday, February 24, 2006

Ohh, I Have A Great Idea: Let's Set Up Some More of Them Sturdy Straw Men for the Prez to Knock Over

While you and I are working our day away, the President was busy playing politics with the Foreign Legion. In his speechifying today, the Shrubster and his writers, once again, successfully set up straw men through out, so the prez can look good blowing them over. Here's one for example:
Some critics have pointed out that the free elections in the Middle Easthave put political power in the hands of Islamics and extremists, in the case of the Palestinian elections, a notorious -- notorious terrorist organization. Critics argue that our policies of promoting democracy are backfiring and destabilizing the region. I strongly disagree. First, their argument rests on the false assumption that the Middle East was a bastion of stability before the United States came in and disturbed the status quo by promoting democracy.
How many people assumed that? Same number of folks who suggest the Holocaust never happened? If you don't name the people who are suggesting this, all you’re doing is playing politics, and haven't the W, Rove and Co said time and time again, that they are above that? Right.

Here's another:
Secondly, the idea that lasting stability can be achieved by denying people a voice in the future control of their destiny is wrong. It is, in large part, because people in the Middle East have been denied legitimate means to express dissent that radical extremism has flourished. And it's only by giving people in the Middle East the freedom to express their opinions and choose their leaders that we will be able to defeat radical extremism. As liberty spreads in the broader Middle East, freedom will replace despair [sic] and hope. And over time the terrorist's temptation will fall away.
Okay, who said that? Any one? By the way, can you prove that liberty is spreading and that in doing so it does what you claim? Doubt it.

Here's another:
It will take time for the people of this region to build political parties and movements that are moderate in their views and capable of competing in a free democratic system. Yet free elections cannot wait for perfect conditions. Free elections are instruments of change. By giving people an opportunity to organize, express their views, and change the existing order, elections strengthen the forces of freedom and encourage citizens to take control of their own destiny.
Who said that these elections were free? Near as I can tell, they have cost us nearly half a trillion dollars in hard earned, yet to be paid out taxpayer bux and buckets of GI blood - not to mention innocent civlians KIA as well. Okay, I know I'm bending the meaning, but again I suggest the ROI in Iraq is not, nor ever has been, worth the outlay.

Oh, and here's another:
Finally, as democracy takes root, the responsibilities of governing will have a moderating influence on those who assume power in free elections. It's easier to be a martyr than a mayor, or a cabinet minister. When you're responsible for building roads and bridges and power stations and educating people and providing help, you're less likely to blow up health clinics and schools and bridges.
Oh, really? Prove it. How do you know it is easier to be a martyr? That is about as outlandish a claim as I have ever heard uttered by a president.

Oh, and does this next slice sounds like bigger or smaller government to you?
To support the Iranian people's efforts to win their own freedom, my administration is requesting $75 million in emergency funds to support democracy in Iran. This is more than a fourfold increase over current levels of funding. These new funds will allow us to expand radio and television broadcasts into Iran. They will support reformers and dissidents and human rights activists and civil society organizers in, so Iranians can organize and challenge the repressive policies of the clerical regime. They will support student exchanges, so we can build bridges of understanding between our people and expose more Iranians to life in a free society.
Is there not a better, domestic use for these funds than this new expenditure?

Finally, here's where the reprehensible W, Rove and Co automatons pull out all the stops to play politics with the American Legion and trump any contrarian view or opinion by showering us all with guilt:
In this war, we've lost some really good men and women who left our shores to defend liberty and did not live to make the journey home. Others have returned from war with wounds the best medicine cannot heal. As veterans, you've lost friends and comrades in the field of battle, and you understand the sadness that has come to some of our nation's military families. We pray for the families of the fallen, and we honor the memory of all who have given their lives in freedom's cause. And we will honor that memory by defeating the terrorists, and spreading liberty, and laying the foundation of peace for generations to come. (Applause.)
Dead men and women can't vote, but they sure to make shinny political pawns for the W, Rove and Co, No? It's sickening.

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Neil Shakespeare said...

It is sickening. And frightening. I might have to do a piece called 'The Terrorist's Temptation'...since George says it will soon be gone...