Sunday, February 26, 2006

Democracy's Parents

I was flipping through the sunday paper this AM. No run allowed as the spouse is on a weekend retreat for a non-profit board of governors. Some one has to make the lemon zest, carrot, and blueberry pancakes for the kids.

Found this little tidbit on the "Two cents" column that I thought was rather pithy and insightful:
Accepting that pernicious nonsense casts critics as disobedient children who deserve punishment for disrespecting their elders. In a democracy, government is not our parent; we are its parents. Would you tell a parent that trying to prevent or correct its child's delinquency will destroy the child?


isabelita said...

Mmm, wonderful-sounding pancakes!
Well, if the US people are parents to this heinous government, somebody ahoulda given 'em an abortion...

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, they certainly are acting like spoiled children. Spending all of mom and dad's money. Trashing the house. Fighting with the neighbor kids. Talking stupid. You know, all the typical kid stuff.