Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pin The Slime On The Elephant - Subtitle - Windspike's Handy Pithy Rejoinders To Quash Republican Spin

Obviously, the Democrats need some help defeating the repugs this go around as the 2006 election season heats up. Let's give them some.

Beyond the spectacular talking point "culture of corruption," I think those of us thinking in the blogisphere might also be able to assist those looking for one line, sticky, pithy erudite slogans that make the slime dished by the right stick to their own elephant.

I came up with a couple on my run this AM. I am certain others out there have more in their back pockets. Let's call this:

Windpike's Handy Pithy Rejoinders To Quash Republican Spin

1) Your attempts at assasinating my character have no bering on solutions to the country's problems that you've created.

2) Becuase you caused this problem (insert issue e.g. medicare, national debt, Iraq, etc..), you have a responsiblity to solve it. What's your solution?

3) Because your party has been fully in charge for over five years, you can no longer play the blame game where the finger points any direction other than at yourself.

4) Becuase I don't believe in your solution does not mean you should question my character.

5) Yes, indeed, your truth is a slave to your perception, but I prefer to make my decisions based on fact rather than faith.

6) ....your turn folks. Let's give our folks a leg up creative....


abi said...

My response to republican spin would be to amend #3 to just two words — the finger.

enigma4ever said...

Thank you for this little pithy guide...