Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well, at Least There is One Thing Reassuring About the UAE Ports Deal

So, explain to me why the W, Rove and Co is so hot about the UAE corp running our ports:
"How do you bring good inspection on the millions and millions of boxes? Nobody has it in the whole world."EDWARD H. BILKEY, chief operating officer of Dubai Ports World, which is seeking to manage terminals in six American cities.
This is what I was saying a few days ago. The ports are not safe to begin with, why would we bring in a corporation with a shady past to run them?


TheSquiggler said...

No one is bringing anyone in to "run" the ports. This is a canard. DPW is a paycheck writer in this deal. They would have contracts at 29 out of more than 800 terminals to load/unload cargo. In other words, they underwrite the paychecks going to the Longshoreman's union who are ultimately responsible for hiring the people doing the work. The ports remain under the authority of their State Ports Authorties and individual terminals within the various ports are either state run or privately run.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, you get millions and millions and millions of guys with boxcutters!