Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spreading Freedom

As the term "Spreading Freedom" has been adopted as common vernacular by our erudite president, I have been ruminating on the phrase for a while and wanting to post. But alas, I have been stumped up until now. I have been wondering if spreading freedom is much like tilling a field and spreading manure - good for ya, but sure stinks.

While our fair President heads to Idaho to relax and recuperate, My thoughts on this "noble" justification for the tragedy in Iraq end in one question. Perhaps others in the blogisphere will have thoughts to add in the comment area.

Is it better to "spread freedom" by instigating war in foreign places, or by letting corporations like Wal Mart (in China) gentrify entire countries?


Nedhead said...

War does not spread freedom. It spreads destruction. Sometimes freedom follows war.

Walmart does not spread freedom. It spreads consumerism and capitalism. To me, those are not usually words that relate to freedom.

How to spread freedom? Open your mind, believe in peace, lead a moral life (not angelic, nor pure) and allow to live and let live.

Corporate or military invasions do not spread freedom. Greed, fear and hatred, yes.

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Wal-Mart does represent freedom. Freedom for the nation of China to purchase the United States; lock, stock and barrel. Wal-Mart represents the MASSIVE transfer of wealth from the Citizens of the USA to China and to our own politicians. Wal-Mart represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with America, and our 2-party system right now.

Sorry to get all hung up on the Wal-Mart thing, but it DOES represent so much of what is going wrong here in so many ways, W/Spike. Blog ON, bro...

SheaNC said...

What's behind door number three?

Nedhead said...

Bush and Company (and you can include Congress) represent what is wrong with this Country. Financially, morally, you name it.

Wal-Mart is just a symbol of pure (and successful) capitalism. Is capitalism evil? Answer me that.

Anonymous said...


War: Killing people and breaking things.

Trade: Codependency.