Saturday, August 06, 2005

One Small, Simple, Quick Fix

If we were really interested in increasing participation of ordinary citizens in local, state, and federal governements, perhaps we aught make voting day a national holiday. This would give every citizen the day off to make their mark and vote. That would most certainly be a strong statement. Unfortunately, I am not so sure the pols want Joe Bagadoughnuts voting in their elitist electioneering ventures. The composition of our government agencys may change dramatically, and in the end may look more like the dream laid out by our founding fathers (of the people, for the people and by the people).

In a more modern twist, in the same way that companies govern the votes of shareholders, use an online voting system that is safe and secure, unlike the Diebold machines used in Ohio. The whole issue there is to ensure access for those who can't afford computers and internet hook ups.

THE Voting Rights Act, signed into law 40 years ago today, is often described as the highest achievement of the civil rights movement. It redeemed the soul of democracy by abolishing the legalized hypocrisy of poll taxes and literacy tests, and it freed minorities to elect candidates who better represent their values.

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