Wednesday, August 31, 2005

T-Shirts for Katrina Survivors

Perhaps we aught send some "My President wanted to fight an illegitimate war in Iraq and all I got was a broken levee" t-shirts to all survivors in New Orleans.

Even the right wingers think W is falling down on the job (hat tip to Moxie Grrrll for pointing us to this article)

AS THE EXTENT of Hurricane Katrina's devastation became clearer on Tuesday millions without power, tens of thousands homeless, a death toll unknowable because rescue crews can't reach some regions.

President Bush carried on with his plans to speak in San Diego, as if nothing important had happened the day before. Katrina already is measured as one of the worst storms in American history. And yet, President Bush decided that his plans to commemorate the 60th anniversary of VJ Day with a speech were more pressing than responding to the carnage.

A better leader would have flown straight to the disaster zone and announced the immediate mobilization of every available resource to rescue the stranded, find and bury the dead, and keep the survivors fed, clothed, sheltered and free of disease.

The cool, confident, intuitive leadership Bush exhibited in his first term, particularly in the months immediately following Sept. 11, 2001, has vanished. In its place is a diffident detachment unsuitable for the leader of a nation facing war, natural disaster and economic uncertainty.

Wherever the old George W. Bush went, we sure wish we had him back.

Oh, W did not do nothing - he did have a fly over at about 1700 feet.

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banana said...

it's about time they realize that it's not about politics but principle to be opposed to george bush and his disastrous policies.

it's just a shame that it takes a slap in the face from Mother Nature to wake people up.

as they say in alchoholics anonymous: it takes hitting rock bottom for you to sober up. unfortunately some people's rock bottom is death.