Thursday, August 04, 2005

Presidential Vacations

Many of you know that our esteemed president is on holiday, again. Coincidentially, word on the steet is that the festivities at Bohemian Grove - or The Grove, as it's called by those who go - are in session. Does anyone really know if the prez is in Texas as he is theoretically supposed to be or did he make a detour to Northern California for some outrageous, romping, pagan style fun?

If anyone who has sighted the W personally (as in not on television, but eye witness) in these past few days could comment on the whereabouts of our fair prez, please leave a comment with the location and circumstance.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

It's the old ''mind-body'' problem

Bush's body is in Texas. Bush's mind is ''intelligently designed'' to be in Northern CA.

If you want to see Bush's mind you first must believe that it exists.

Don't thank me.

Jake Porter said...

If Bush is at Bohemian Grove Alex Jones will catch him on video performing mock sacrifices.

SheaNC said...

He's at Bohemian Grove. President Cheney will run things. Turd Blossom will assist. Osama will run the ranch in Crawford.