Friday, August 26, 2005

Thinking For the Weekend

I finally got back to my volume of Winston Churchill's WWII tome (last in a series) Triumph and Tragedy. He defines the theme for the book as follows. I thought it would be good fodder for thinking over the weekend given our current pugilistic leaders pushing us to every front on this so called "War on Terror" as if this is a war that could be won.

Theme of the Volume

How the Great Democracies
and so
Were able to Resume
the Follies
Which Had so Nearly
Cost Them Their
Interestingly enough I finally caught up on the movie front and saw War of the Worlds last weekend. Tom Cruise shenanigans aside, it was Tim Robbins character (not so out of character for the real Mr. Robbins) was the one to point out that, "Occupation doesn't work. History has taught us that over a thousand times."

Indeed, we are destined to repeat history if we ignore lessons from the past. Again, I find myself wishing the W, Rove and Co had paid attention during that part of their respective educations, or at least brushed up on it before ignighting in the Iraq conflagration.

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