Thursday, August 25, 2005

A New Question for Cindy

With all the spin emerging from the President's vacation abode, it's a wonder we are not more confused than we already are. Every day the president and his ilk make some kind of comment, another interesting question should be added to Cindy's arsenal should W every sprout balls enough to talk with her. He remains a coward, to this day, but here's another question I suggest Cindy file away for her meeting.

What's the difference between the War on Terror and The War in Iraq? Here's an interesting statement:
When America takes a single step backwards in the face of terrorism overseas, it brings the terrorists 50 steps closer to our own shores.
Now, this statement is supposedly paraphrased from the 9/11 commission report. Just wondering, why 50 and not, say, 51 or 49? And excuse me for being slow on the uptake as I have not read the full report, but don't we know for sure that there are terrorist sleeper cells already on our shores (remember Lodi California in the news recently, not to mention the garden variety nut jobs like Tim McVeigh)? So, why is it the whitehouse press staffer bringing this up?

Another good question would be do you think the Attack on Iraq was a step forward or a step backward?

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Gun-Toting Liberal said...

"Another good question would be do you think the Attack on Iraq was a step forward or a step backward?"

A VERY good question, brother. On a domestic front: a step backward. On an International frong (arguably), a step forward. We've alienated some great allies, but they'll be back in the next few years. BUT, we've also ingrained ourselves into the desert, and our extremely skilled, personable, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are there winning hearts and minds of the Arab people.

Our servicemen and women have done the same thing in Japan, Germany, South Korea, and many other foreign lands where America was dearly HATED and DESPISED prior to their arrival. I guess I'm trying to keep an open, and positive mind about the long-term effects of a U.S. presence in the Middle East, despite the VERY HORRIBLE intelligence that led us to go to war in Iraq.

At least; these are the results I pray for concerning this freaking quagmire....

Blog ON, brother...